An ill-advised event company in Sweden,, is receiving backlash for their services. Their unsettling purpose is to hire people with dwarfism for parties and corporate events. Bodyguard services are priced at 5,000 Kronor, while boxing and bartending services are 4,000. Before its removal as a service on the site, "dwarf tossing" was available for 8,000 Kronor. The owner of the company, Johannes Eriksson, met Arash Ayatinejad, who has dwarfism and was looking for an agency such as this in Sweden. They have since gone into business together.

People such as Maria Persdotter, chairman for the Swedish National Association for Disabled Children and Young People, have criticized the ethics of the company, saying that even if one of the founders is a dwarf, it sets a bad exmple for young people. She says:

This is like a giant step back in history to when people would pay to watch strange-looking people... The idea that this is the way you’re supposed to earn money as a dwarf is very disturbing.

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