When people think of Alaska, diversity is usually not the first thing that comes to mind.

A recent analysis of census data by University of Alaska sociology professor Chad Ferrell reveals that Mountain View, a northeastern neighborhood of Anchorage, has the most diverse census tract in the country. In fact, three of the most diverse areas are all located in Anchorage, followed by some tracts in Queens, New York. 

The ethnic and racial groups of Mountain View were compared to each other based on size relative to each other. Several components, such as sizable white and Alaska Native populations also contribute to the diversity, as many other neighborhoods with a spectrum of cultures have seen white flight as a result. 

Alaska's economy is also doing relatively well because its main exports are oil and seafood, making it a prime location for settling.

Over time, many refugees from nations such as Sudan, Cuba, and Bhutan have found a home in Mountain View. The Samoan population is also strong, and the African American population is about 13%, around the same as the national average.

The neighborhood was once dangerous during the 1980s and 90s but has since become much more stable, although about 19% of households currently earn below the poverty line.