Pope Francis released a 148 page papal letter entitled Laudato Si or “Praise Be" detailing his thoughts on climate change. In it he states that climate change is "a global problem with grave implications", and that we are all responsible for the care of our Earth. Furthermore, those in power in developing countries should lend a hand to those without means, and limit our use of nonrenewable energy.

"Those who possess more resources and economic or political power seem mostly to be concerned with masking the problems or concealing their symptoms,” writes his Holiness. 

Vincent Miller, who holds a chair in Catholic theology and culture at the University of Dayton, is quoted by the New York Times that the encyclical "gives Francis a very traditional basis to argue for the inclusion of environmental concern at the center of Christian faith." He continues with, "Critics will say the church can't teach policy, the church can't teach politics. And Francis is saying, 'No, these things are at the core of the church's teaching.'"

Pope Francis’ letter puts him firmly on the side of scientists and environmental groups who believe that global warming is a real problem and that humanity is responsible for a good portion of it, and at odds with “climate skeptics” which include a lot of GOP frontrunners, which should make this election year interesting.  

Cover: Wikipedia.