According to survey data from Glassdoor Inc., job seekers typically will have to wait 22.9 days for an offer or rejection from potential employers. This wait time has increased from the last four years where the average wait time was 12.6 days giving credence to the feeling despondent job hunters have experienced. It’s true, it’s not just you, so maybe your mom or your roommate can just chill. 

Glassdoor’s chief economist attributes the longer wait time to companies doing more background checks on applicants "as a proxy for judgment and quality of candidates for jobs.” 

Length of Interview Process By City, via Bloomberg Business.. Image 1.Length of Interview Process By City, via Bloomberg Business. 

 Those seeking a position in government agencies will face the longest wait time as they’re more likely to undergo rigorous background checks. Washington D.C. has the highest wait period of 34.4 days, followed by more tech-saturated cities such as San Jose and San Francisco. 

Average Length of Job Interview Process by Country, via Glassdoor.. Image 2.Average Length of Job Interview Process by Country, via Glassdoor.

However, there is a bright side to what seems our exceptionally long wait. The U.S. has a shorter lag between interviewing and closing the deal than our peers in France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Australia. Of the countries polled, only Canada had a time frame at 22.1 days. 

Cover: Bloomberg Business.