Bloomberg Business reports that high schools in the Midwest have seen a rise in trap shooting as a school sport. Earlier this June at Minnesota State High School Clay Target League championship’s there were 5,134 shooters, 20,000 spectators and major sponsors including the likes of Benelli Armi Spa and SKB shotguns. That’s a 171% increase from 2009, the content’s first year where it had 30 shooters.

Trap shooting is so popular that it’s the fast growing sport in Minnesota high schools, so much so that the state’s legislature have set aside $2 million to expand gun ranges where teens will compete. And it’s not just Minnesota either, 9,245 schoolchildren in Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Dakota have participated in the programs in this year alone, and next year Arizona, South Dakota, Illinois and Kansas will host teams. Extra precocious tweens in middle school can also join their big brothers and sisters in high school teams.

Surprisingly, there’s been little public backlash regarding the rise of trap as sport. However, as someone who’s watched footage of the 2012 school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut and has grown up in the specter of Columbine, I’m a little uneasy.

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