Ukraine is trying to reform its police force. Since the sacking of Viktor Yanukovych, new President Petro Poroshenko has drafted new laws regarding Ukraine's National Police, changed its name and uniforms, fired older officers, hired 2,000 new officers (a quarter of them who are female), and enlisted US and Candian trainers. Many of them are really attractive, according to social media reactions.

The new officers are charged with a double-duty: their official jobs as keepers of the peace and catchers of crooks, in addition to keeping an watchful eye on members of the old guard. In a swearing in ceremony on July 4, President Poroshenko told the freshman patrolmen, "You will risk your health and even life, but the danger is not where bullets are flying, it’s where banknotes are rustling. You are the living evidence of the fundamental change in our country." So far, an obvious effort has been made to curate the Kiev's police official Instagram account with nice-looking cops.

The hashtag #KyivPolice alleges that Ukrainians have been taking to the streets to shoot photos with police officers.

According to one poll, four-fifths of Ukrainians believe that reforms against corruptions are not working, but all of the photo-ops speak to the nation’s optimistic hope that things will get better. (Or that whoever thought of this campaign is at aleast succeeding at grabbing BBC's attention.)

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