California might be currently drought-stricken, but the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim had a home game that was rained out on Sunday (their first in 20 years). NPR’s Morning Edition reports that the Angels hired a helicopter to blow-dry their wet field so the team could have a dry field for future baseball games. Playas gon' play. That’s the way it is.


FACTS ABOUT California's drought AND the Los Angeles Angels:

California is estimated to have 1 year of water left in its reservoirs and ground water according to satellite data from NASA.

At the moment, California is currently flooding and burning at the same time. California, it seems knows how to party

The Angels have a game tonight at 10 PM in Anaheim, where they’ll be playing the Minnesota twins. The Angels have already swept The Boston Red Sox in a doubleheader, with a final score of 7-3.

Cover:  Wikipedia Commons