French tobacconists protesting a new law that would introduce plain cigarette packaging dumped four tons of carrots outside the ruling Socialist party's headquarters in Paris.

The tobacconists, who sell cigarettes and smoking paraphernalia, chose carrots because they resemble the sign used to connote cigarettes outside of French shops. The tobacconists' union demands that senators throw out the law, which, if approved, will take effect in May of 2016.


Facts about French smokers:

Smoking cost the French government €47.7bn in 2006 according to The French Drug and Addiction Observatory. Though taxes on cigarette and tobacco sales are lucrative for the government, the cost of healthcare for smokers outweighs any gains.

In France, 33% of 17-year-old boys and 30% of 17-year-old girls smoke every day, according to a report by the National Institute for Prevention and Education released last September.

Smoking-related diseases will take 78,000 lives prematurely in France every year from now until 2030 if no action is taken, says French health minister Marisol Touraine.

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