David Griffin, a former deputy chief for Summerside Police Services, was a volunteer president of a local chapter in East Prince County, Canada for Mothers Against Drunk Driving. That is until he was charged with impaired driving. 

 The 65-year-old immediately notified MADD Canada and resigned from his post. The organizations’ CEO, Andrew Murie, called Griffin “a class act.” Said Murie: 

 We have protocols for volunteers, for staff, for anybody involved in the organization,” said Murie. “Any infractions involving any kind of driving offense, especially impaired driving, means you can no longer work or volunteer for the organization.

 Murie also added that in his 18 years of working with MADD Canada, he didn’t recall anyone within the organization being charged with impaired driving. Griffin will appear in court on August 27, at 9 AM. 


Facts about: Mothers against drunk driving

 Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is a nonprofit organization in both the US and Canada that aims to stop drunk driving, prevent underage drinking, and push for stricter alcohol policies.

 The organization was started by Candace Lightner in 1980 after her 13-year-old was killed by a drunken hit-and-run driver. 

 Lighter left MADD in 1985, objecting to the organization’s shifting focus on alcohol enforcement rather than impaired driving. In an interview with the Washington Times, she called the organization "neo-prohibitionist."

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