How many people were gored to death by bulls in Spain this summer?. Image 1.


people gored to death by bulls


Seven people have been gored to death by bulls in Spain since the beginning of July. The fatalities occurred during bull-running festivals, not in bullrings. An 18-year-old man was gored in the stomach in Lerin, Navarra. A 36-year-old councilor was gored in Penafiel, north of Madrid. And the other deaths occurred in Valencia, Murcia, Toledo, Castellon and Alicante.

Facts about bullfighting in spain:

Over 7,200 bulls and steers were killed by bullfighters in Spain last year.

Almost 2,000 bullfights are held in the country each year, despite many condemning bullfighting as barbaric.

In 2013, a law was passed defending bullfighting as part of Spain's cultural heritage, claiming that it's the state's duty to "preserve and promote it."

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