For illicit trysts, there’s no better place than a hotel room, especially at hotels designed for lovers: hotels where you can book by the hour; hotels with jacuzzis and stripper poles, fetish-themed rooms and condom dispensers. We cruised for love hotels around the world and learned that costs vary, depending on the quality and type of room and the duration of stay (short term stays range usually go from 1-5 hours). Prices usually go up on weekends, when demand is higher. From seedy basic rooms to suites for luxurious romps, here are the costs of hourly and short-stay hotels around the world.

What are the rates for by-hour hotels and love motels around the world?. Image 1.

We chose 7 CITIES across the globe from New York to Auckland to retrieve our data.



New York

United States


From $80 to $190

From $80 for two hours to $190 for an overnight in a “Romantic Interlude” room

The Liberty Inn is NYC’s quintessential love hotel. Whether you’re carrying on an affair or want to a getaway with your true sweetheart. A two-hour stay (between 8AM and midnight) costs $80, and goes up to $145 for six-hours. Get an abbreviated overnight during the weekdays from $160, and up to $190 for a regular overnight. Oh, the rooms only allow two guests at one time, with no visitors allowed, which means you’ll have to take your menage a trois and swinger parties elsewhere. For something special, Romantic Interlude rooms include mood lighting, wall and ceiling mirrors and erotic murals, an in-house pornography system and a whirlpool bathtub fit for two. (Romantic Interlude Rooms additional $20 for 2-3 hours.)


Hong Kong



From $40 to $258

$40 for three hours (312 HKD), up to $258 (2000 HKD) for an extended stay.

In Hong Kong, love hotels are abundant. You can spend $285 ($37) for two hours at the Hotel Victoria, a chain love hotel with locations all around the city. You’ll get mirrored walls, a bed for play, and an adult channel for inspiration. Those who long for something a more upscale might opt for a short term stay at the Mingle Palace at the Eden, instead. The hotel has five branches around the city, but the one at the Eden is the only one that advertises two and three hour stays, and free condoms.





From $32 to $90

$32 (3980 yen) for a two hour rest, $90 (10890 yen) for an overnight stay

The original version of the modern love hotel (fittingly named Hotel Love) opened in Osaka in 1968 (although the concept of the love hotel dates all the way back to the 1600s, in the Edo Period). Osaka still has a thriving love hotel industry today. Japanese love hotels are notoriously for their bizarre themes: anything from Hello Kitty to dinosaurs to prisons. In most hotels, the booking process involves little human interaction--check-in by pressing buttons to select the room you desire. A short term stay of two-three hours is called a “rest”, while an overnight is a “stay.” In Osaka, the Hotel Loire is a classic, with rates that start from 3980  yen for a two-hour rest, going up to 10890 (or $90)for a overnight stay on the weekends. The kinky minded can go for decadent play sessions at Hotel Alpha-Inn, which features fully equipped dungeons and medical themed rooms and high prices: a dungeon style room go for 16850 yen for a rest, 32170 yen for a stay.

There are almost 40,000 love hotels around Japan,  and it brings in around $40 billion dollars a year.





From $28 to $388

$28 (25 Euros) per hour, up to $388 (350 Euros) for overnight

“At last, a great place to get laid!” It’s a surprise that it took a while for love hotels to catch on in Paris, where you’d think lovers would be rampant, while the hotel costs and rents are extravagant. Luckily, the Love Hotel came to the rescue. It’s a sister branch of the Love Hotel in Japan, complete with an array of rooms in weird themes at affordable prices: try the devil suite, with a pentagram, flames and skeletons painted on the walls, for 35 euros an hour, or the Bollywood Kamasutra room for 25 Euros an hour. You can even rent sexy costumes to matches the themes: the politically incorrect Sexy Jasmine costume, for instance, goes with the Oriental Palace, and rents for 36-45 euros. For something more chic, there is the Hotel Amour, where day use rate starts at 90 euros. It’s a trendy hotel just as frequently visited by hipsters, starlets, businessmen and travelers, and costs up to 350 euro for a suite in high season.



New Zealand


From $22 and up

$58 ($80 NZD) for one hour in basic room, $22 ($30 NZD) for extra person

The Desire Love Motel is the first in New Zealand (and Oceania), with six themed rooms--from the Roman Orgies room, complete with a statue of a torso draped with vines on the wall, a lush, white curtained off bed, to the Savannah room, which includes a mirrored wall, a wicker chair and some stalks of grass. Rooms go from $80 NZD up to $110 NZD for a one-hour stay, depending on the room you select, and whether you pay by cash or credit. It costs $30 extra to invite extra guests, and there’s even a special room you could request for stags night, swingers parties, and of course, business functions.


Mexico City



From $16 to $99

$16 (250 pesos) for five hours, up to $99 (1500 pesos in extravagant suite)

In Mexico City, love hotels are known as “hoteles de paso” and they’re popular enough to warrant a few websites that list and review them. Most average from 300-400 pesos for a four-hour stay. The cheapest start at 250 pesos for a basic suite, while plenty of luxury options are available. At the Pirámides del Valle hotel, for instance, you can rent a suite complete with a catwalk, waterfall and swimming pool, for 1500 Pesos (or $99) dollars, with $750 ($49) per extra guest, for up to 6 guests total.


Buenos Aires



From $15 to $87

From $15 (250 pesos) for a three-hour stay, to $87 (780 pesos) in a luxury play suite

In Argentina’s capital, love hotels, or telos are abundant. Latin Americans tend to live with their family well into adulthood, and despite its sexy reputation, the traditionally Catholic country is hard on sexual freedom. Luckily, young Portenos can opt from a large directory of telos in neighborhoods around the capital. In fact, you can even sign up for an “erÓgena" discount card to save on your next booking.

In a telo inexplicably named Kansas City, a three-hour stay goes from 225-250 pesos, and overnights go from $330-350. At Vesa, you can select from one to five star rooms, starting from $130 pesos to $310. At the Egyptian themed, upscale telo Faraon, you can book a 4-hour playdate in a 4-story suite, complete with sauna, private parking, and, um, board games for $780 pesos (or $87 US dollars). Overnights on the weekends are always more expensive than a weekday indulgence. You’ll also pay more for rooms with special features, such as a special sex chair or mood lighting.

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