With recent initiatives to raise the minimum wage in many U.S. cities including Los Angeles, debate has risen as to whether the federal minimum wage should follow suit. In a controversial move, Switzerland has just rejected what would have been the highest global minimum wage at $25 per hour. In many countries, minimum wage changes depending on the industry, skill level, and region.

We rounded up the minimum wage rates in several cities to illustrate how these standards vary around the world.

What is the minimum wage in cities around the world?. Image 1.

We chose 10 CITIES across the globe, from Astana to Scarborough, to retrieve our data.






$O.69 per hour

121.39 Kazakhstani Tenge

SALARY PER MONTH: 21,364 KZT per month for a 40-hour work week

Kazakhstan's minimum wage is at the same rate as Lusaka, Zambia. At $0.69 USD per hour for a basic labor position, that adds up to $27.60 USD per week.





$0.94 per hour

157.27 Egyptian Pounds

SALARY PER MONTH: 1,200 EGP per month for a 42-hour work week

Egypt ranks somewhere in the middle for average minimum wage in the Middle East, with Israel as the highest at an average of $1,140 per month and Yemen at $75 per month as one of the lower income countries. 





$1.29 per hour

16,875 Indonesian Rupiah

SALARY PER MONTH: 2,700,000 IDR per month for a 40-hour work week

In Indonesia, minimum wage varies depending on the region of the archipelago, much like the United States' individual state minimum wage rates. Salaries vary from 1,100,000 in Jawa Tengah to 1,621,172 in Bali. Jakarta's wage remains the highest in the nation. 


New Delhi



$1.47 per hour

93.75 Rupees per hour

The minimum wage in India is 15,000 Rupees per month. With a 40 hour work-week, this comes out to less than a dollar-fifty per hour - the lowest wage among countries with large economies.





$2.37 per hour

15 Trinidadian Dollars

salary per month: 2,400 TTD per month for a 40-hour work week

As of September 2014, the government of Tobago voted to increase the minimum wage from $12.50 to $15 per hour. This new initiative will also raise public assistance grants, and aim to equalize the pay gap between men and women.


Sao Paulo



$5.36 per hour

4.92 Brazilian Reais

salary per month: 788 BRL per month for a 40-hour work week

Brazil has continued to increase its' minimum wage from 724 BRL to the current 788 per month. As Brazil's economy continues to grow, so do its' wages. 





$7.31 per hour

46.42 Venezuelan Bolívar

salary per month: 7421.67 Venezuelan Bolívar

The minimum wage in Venezuela for most workers is 7421.67 Bs. per month, though they have different minimums for apprentices and pensioners. A Christmas bonus and vacation bonus are compulsory for all workers.





$8.75 per hour

SALARY PER MONTH: 1,400 USD per month for a 40-hour work week 

Chicago's minimum wage is more than a dollar above the federal wage of $7.25. As of July 1, 2015, minimum wage will increase to $10 per hour, and then to $13 in 2016. 





$11.35 per hour

10.41 Euros

SALARY PER MONTH: 1,457.52 EUR per month for a 35-hour work week

Although the French get a side-eye from Americans for "not working enough hours," the benefits seem to even things out. Any work over 35 hours per week is considered overtime, and at a neary $11 minimum wage this covers a substantial amount of living costs. 





$13.31 per hour

16.87 Australian Dollars

SALARY PER MONTH: 2,699.2 AU per month for a 40-hour work week 

Sydney, Australia tops our list of the highest minimum wage at more than $13 per hour in USD. With the new wage increases to $15 per hour in some U.S. Cities, Australia won't be the highest in several years. In the meantime it definitely explains all the Australian tourists. 

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