For expecting moms who don't relish A Pea in the Pod maxidress transforming them into a burgeoning tulip bulb for nine months, good news! The new clothing line Butchbaby is about to start rolling out maternity wear for genderqueer moms. None of the clothes exist yet, it's just a really great idea. Co-founder and recent college grad Vanessa Newman tells New York Magazine: 


During my sophomore year, I started going to networking events more often and I hated saying that I was a student, so I would say that I was doing whatever my idea at the time was. I would occasionally go to events and say I was working on an androgynous maternity line and people would be like, "That’s so great, let me give you my card." And that’s kind of when I realized, Wow, you have a really good idea here.

Not a bad business tactic for the younguns. The Cut has the interview