A team of biomedical and mechanical engineers have developed ectroloom, a 3D printer that creates whole clothing.

The printer produces seamless garments in polyester and cotton blends that require no sewing. As of now the printer can only print as large as roughly 35 by 31 inches, but the team is currently looking for funding on Kickstarter so that it can make developer kits enabling others to engage with and improve upon the technology. According to Designboom, here's how it works: "The technology they devised first starts with a designed template using CAD. It is then inserted into the printing chamber, and the liquid solution is guided onto the cast by an electric field – the process is called electrospinning. the printer evenly coats and binds the nano fibers together into a cohesive seamless fabric. Once removed from the mold, the unique material can flex, drape, and fold just like the most commonly known fabrics."