California’s water shortage problems could be changing the way you eat. The state is in its third, soon to be fourth year of severe drought conditions is undergoing mandatory cutbacks on water usage. Not good for a fruit that requires tropical conditions to flourish in. To put this into perspective, you'd require 72 gallons of water to grow a pound of avocados, versus nine to grow tomatoes. All of these factors combined means that we might have to call a moratorium on our alligator pear-shaped friend joining us for seven-layer dips or on eggs benny at brunch.

This so-called “Guacapocalypse” is the latest in line of food-based climate-fueled shortages that have been springing up around the globe. In the last fews years, we’ve had a cocoa crisis in West Africa, a coffee catastrophe of epic proportions in Central America, a quinoa shortage in Bolivia and Peru, a serious lack of limes in Mexico, and most recently, the possible end of notable Brit favorite: fish and chips.