As of right now there are two places to purchase weed coffee, California and the Pacific Northwest. Los Angeles' Compelling & Rich has a Ethiopian Yirgacheffe blend that uses cannabis to condition its raw green coffee before it’s processed to give the coffee a “pleasant note” from the plant’s leaves and flowers. To the dismay of stoners everywhere, it unfortunately won’t get you high.

Meanwhile in Portland, Fairwinds Manufacturing sells weed-infused coffee for both conventional and cartridge-based coffee makers. Due to proprietary and copyright laws Fairwinds and other coffee manufacturers can’t market their goods as being “K-cup” compatible.

James Hull of Fairwinds told Fast Company that the process is actually harder than you would think. Said Hull, "To infuse the coffee beans with the cannabis oil, It is not as simple as spraying the coffee beans with the oil. To ensure proper extraction of the cannabis oil from the coffee grounds and to ensure solubility in the cup of coffee, we must first prepare the cannabis oil mixture prior to application. We add ingredients that allow the cannabis oil to become soluble with the water-based coffee."

For those of you at home who are feeling slightly entrepreneurial or lack the means to purchase either Fairwinds or Compelling & Rich’s blends, well— there’s always DIY.