A 14-year-old girl is now in state custody after her parents forced her daughter to live in the woods for a week as punishment for eating a Pop-Tart. They allegedly gave her a tent, a flashlight, a watch, one roll of toilet paper, and a whistle and told her she wasn't allowed back for a week, though they'd meet her once a day at a certain fence to give her (non-Pop-Tart) food.

Police ran into her on her second day in the woods and placed her in state custody in South Carolina (which sounds like it would probably be more terrifying than living in the woods.)

A week-long punishment of any kind for eating a Pop-Tart (sure, they're gross) is definitely extreme. But is it just me or does getting to do whatever you want without having to report to your parents or have a curfew sound more like a party than a punishment for a 14-year-old? I always had to lie to my parents to go party in the woods but I guess now a days all I'd have to do is eat a Pop-Tart.

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