Earlier this year, Taco announced that they would add alcohol to its menu to its Wicker Park location in Chicago. Residents in the area have already gathered in a community group meeting where concerns of underage drinking and patrons leaving with open containers of booze have been addressed.

In response, the chain has agreed to stop serving liquor at 10 PM Sunday through Thursday, and at midnight on Friday and Saturday. In addition, Neil Borkan, a Lincolnshire-based franchisee who owns the Wicker Park Taco Bell, has agreed to hire employees who over 21 and have completed training to serve booze, and a bouncer to presumably check IDs and to maintain order.

The all-new, all-boozy Taco Bell will open mid-to-late August this year at 1439 North Milwaukee Avenue.

Cover: Wikimedia Commons


facts about Taco Bell:

  In 2010, in order to promote their $2 Meal Deal Taco Bell petitioned the Federal Reserve to print more $2 dollar bills. Taco Bell is clearly all about the Jeffersons.

 Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos were so popular that not only did they sell a million of the nacho cheese infused snacks that the chain added 15,000 jobs in 2012 to keep up with the demand. 

 Taco Bell's talking Chihuahua mascot was actually a female pooch named Gidget.