Wheaties has teamed up with a craft brewery Fulton in Minneapolis to created a limited-edition Hefeweizen beer named HefeWheaties. And while there is no cereal in the beer, there is wheat, and that's enough of connection for both companies to go ahead with the project. That and both Fulton and Wheaties share a hometown and similar ingredients. 

HefeWheaties can, via General Mills.. Image 1.HefeWheaties can, via General Mills.

HefeWheaties will be available for a limited time in the Twin Cities market beginning August 26 in 16-oz. tallboys. While 4-packs will be sold at limited retailers in the area. Unfortunately, HefeWheaties will not be available for shipment or purchase outside of Minnesota. The Fulton taproom in Minneapolis will also host events featuring HefeWheaties.

Beer, now a part of a complete breakfast.


Facts about Wheaties:

 Wheaties was created in 1922, as a result of a Minnesotan clinician accidentally spilling a wheat bran mixture onto a hot stove.

 Whites association with sports began in 1927 through advertising on the southern wall of minor league baseball’s Nicollet Park in Minneapolis, Minnesota

 There have been seven spokespersons for Wheaties since 1958. They are with their date of selection, Bob Richards (1958), Caitlyn Jenner (1977), Mary Lou Retton (1984), Walter Payton (1985), Chris Evert (1987), Michael Jordan (1988), and Tiger Woods (1998)

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