What percentage of Americans have anger issues and access to firearms?. Image 1.


of Americans have anger management
issues and access to firearms


If we needed more evidence that angry people own guns, here: 9% of the US population has both compulsive anger issues and access to guns, and 1.5% of them carry firearms outside the home, Duke Medicine reports.

While many of gun owners with "anger issues" were "at elevated risk for a range of fairly common psychiatric conditions such as personality disorders, alcohol abuse, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress," most have not been admitted to a hospital. The study suggests that criminal records are better measures of mental health. 

The FBI's background check system currently screens for people with criminal records and known mental health issues, although the Associated Press reported that 186,000 gun purchases made it around the background check system last year. There were 281 mass shootings in the US in 2014, according to the Gun Violence Archive