Anti-NSA protestors have been hiding micro-cassette recorders under public benches and chairs around NYC and secretly taping your conversations. The anonymous group of protestors satirically claim to have been hired by the NSA to launch this project as a "pilot program" on the NSA's behalf.

Image: via Wired. Image 1.Image: via Wired

The conversations have been archived and embedded on the group's website, From the site: “Eavesdropping on the population has revealed many saying ‘I’m not doing anything wrong so who cares if the NSA tracks what I say and do?’ Citizens don’t seem to mind this monitoring, so we’re hiding recorders in public places in hopes of gathering information to help win the war on terror… We’ve started with NYC as a pilot program, but hope to roll the initiative out all across The Homeland.”

Here is a sample of a recording.


Weight bench at Crunch Gym, Union Square, NYC
Removed. Tape’s whereabouts unknown.