Takeout ennui

NOUN (singular) [/ˈte.kawt ɑ.ˈnwi/]

– being jaded about one’s order after catching a glimpse of something better


From takeout and ennui, from the French for “boredom.”


Full definition of the word

It must take some inside knowledge to know what the “right answers” are on a menu. It seems like every time I place a confident order for takeout, a waitress will walk past holding exactly what I ordered but wrapped in bacon, or something else magnificent entirely. Were gnocchi even an option? Should I be following that pulled pork sandwich in the hopes that a juicy, glistening shaving falls from the plate? Suddenly the chicken Caesar salad I ordered is sounding a bit soggy, but I’ve got to wait it out and take it home knowing that something better got away. This envy is takeout ennui, the state of being jaded by visions of better orders.


 “I usually get the cheeseburger here but that duck confit is giving me takeout ennui.”

“The new halal cart on Broadway is giving me so much takeout ennui that I don’t even bother with the cafeteria anymore.”