Falter Ego

NOUN (singular) [/ˈfɑl.tɚ ˈi.go/]

– someone encountered who exhibits your physical insecurities


From falter, to lose faith or be unsteady, and alter ego from the Latin for “other I.”


Full definition of the word

There are only so many angles of our appearance that we can control without a dedicated hall of mirrors. But what do we look like to others? This is where many of our deepest insecurities lie. Does the back of my hair make sense? Do I have a double chin when I’m not turning my head? Do I forget to suck in my gut? Recently I’ve encountered the worst of these reminders, the falter ego. It was as if all of my insecurities were projected into one real-world individual, just waiting for wandering eyes to categorize us together into one sad phenotype. Furthermore, I realized that I myself am probably the falter ego to some insecure Adonis out there. The only relief for encountering a falter ego is to take a creepshot to send to your friend, and hope they reply with “no you don’t look like a toe with a face on it.”


 “When I saw myself in the changing room I looked like my falter ego, Perez Hilton. How does anybody manage to buy clothes with mirrors like that?”

 “Oh man, my falter ego is sitting across from us. Is that what I look like to the world?”