The first self-driving truck has been cleared to drive on US roads. Automotive manufacturer Daimler revealed the Inspiration Truck last Wednesday, which is now able to drive on Nevada’s highways. Autonomous trucks could help cut fuel usage, as they accelerate and break more efficiently than human drivers. They also could make roads safer, as human error is to blame for roughly 90 percent of road accidents, according to one study.

“A car never gets tired. It doesn’t have any emotions whens it’s driving home from a breakup with its girlfriend. It doesn’t get drunk or old and slow,” says Patrick Vogel at the Free University of Berlin. The Inspiration trucks are able to stay in lane, avoid collisions and change speeds by utilizing radar monitors and cameras that can recognize pavement markings and identify obstacles.

But while the inspiration is self-driving, it is not completely independent. A trucker is still required to be behind the wheel, ready to manually change lanes or cope with unexpected hazards. Daimler will begin testing the Inspiration Truck in Nevada, though self-driving vehicles are still years away from commercial release.