Paul Allen, Microsoft co-founder, has announced that he and his crew aboard the "MY Octopus", an enormous superyacht, have located the lost wreck of the Japanese battleship Musashi.

The Musashi, along with her sister ship the Yamato, were the largest battleships ever constructed. Musashi was sunk on October 24th, 1944 during the Battle of Leyte Gulf by American carrier aircraft.

The superyacht, MY Octopus, was "inspired by [Paul Allen's] recollections of Jacques Cousteau’s underwater adventures" and has been sailing around the world participating in international rescue missions, scientific research, and historical expeditions. It sports two helicopters, a glass-bottomed pool, a submarine, a movie theatre, a music studio, and is the world’s 15th largest superyacht at a mere 126 m (414 ft).