Art that startups buy. Image 1.

Mike Sheffield



Moving into our new offices last month, the team at Hopes&Fears began working with a blank slate. Which got us thinking, what should we hang up? Like most style oriented questions, we sought to take a sampling from our contemporaries to figure out what they liked. From mission-specific works to fine art, everything from Juelz Santana to Agent Mulder, let's see what art startups hang in their offices.  



Art that startups buy. Image 2.

↑ Juelz Santana (left) & Kate Moss (right), prints by Supreme

Patrick Stankard


We have two photo prints by Supreme. There's one of Juelz Santana to signify the men's bathroom and there was a picture of Kate Moss to signify the women's bathroom until the girls took it down.

We had a hack day where Ethan Bodnar and Elliott Curtis, who work with the community team, painted a mural of a Skillshare logo that a teacher made to promote their class. One of the people who helped with the mural also bought a lot of plants to put around the office, too. We have many prints of cool Skillshare class projects and a 'Work Hard and Be Nice' poster our CEO Mike Karnjanaprakorn got when he was in London. 



Art that startups buy. Image 3. 

Heat Wave in Rajasthan by Aelfie


Data junkie and Engineer

We have a replica of the ‘I want to believe' poster on one wall. Some plants. A nice rug by Aelfie.

All our interior walls are semi-see through green plexiglass that you can write/erase on, so it looks a bit like A Beautiful Mind gone haywire. Plus we have big windows and lovely views of Lower Manhattan via our 11th floor in Soho, so that sort of compensates for any lack of wall hangings.


Electric Objects

Art that startups buy. Image 4.

Art that startups buy. Image 5.

↑ Electric Objects E01 (left), Tongue Stones poster (right) by Pioneer Works Publishing

Zoë Salditch

Cofounder, Director of Artist Relations

We've built a computer made for art. It's called EO1. Half of the team has an EO1 on their desk for decorative as well as testing purposes. The type of art displayed varies from person to person and depends on if they are testing or not. You can check out what the entire EO community (users and employees alike) is uploading and viewing on our site if you're curious what kind of art is in our system: EO1 Beta Showcase (original art we've commissioned for EO1) & Featured activity feed (the best of what the community is contributing so far).

Beyond the EO1s, we of course have other kinds of art around us -- we are an art company after all. We have: 1 Justin Bieber flag by Kim Asendorf, 10 small prints from, 1 mini quartz Aztec temple from Mexico, 1 mini elephant from Cambodia, 1 show poster from Tongue Stones a group show @ Pioneer Works, 2 handmade drawings from a fan of Electric Objects, and a modest but growing pile of zines in the conference room.



 Art that startups buy. Image 6.

 Important Self-Portrait by Jeremy Bailey  (LEFT),
Numinous Negro: Nat Love (Oracular Rooftop series)
by Heather Hart (right)

Julie Wood 

Communications Director

We have an Electric Objects EO1 prototype. (They did a Kickstarter project.) We vary the art that it displays regularly.

Plus we have an art gallery. We've had four or five different shows in it over the past year. Right now its Rachel Sussman in conjunction with a month of Art events we're having.



Art that startups buy. Image 7.

Alteration No. 110 / 109, Hand-embroidered vintage postcards (2013) by Shaun Kardinal (left), Limited edition prints by Johnny Negron (right)

Megan Leet

Office Operations Manager

The art on the walls is all from our users, so it is similar to a 'living Tumblr Dashboard.' It's very specific to our mission because as you know, Tumblr is a platform for creators - so our office space reflects our community & product.

If you would like to tell us what's in your office, shoot us a line at