A series of Vincent van Gogh's paintings, including The Night Café (1888) have been transformed into a 3D environment by the animator Mackenzie Cauley of Brooklyn, New York.

Certain features of the room are animated with improvised interventions such as a man playing the piano, van Gogh smoking a pipe, and swirling rings around glowing lights. The immersive recreation was created by using 3D software to digitize each and every element of the original painting. Cauley also had to add in elements of his own to make up for the areas of the room that weren't visible in the 2D original, borrowing elements from other van Gogh paintings like Starry Night and Self-Portrait (1889). Cauley's rendering is best experienced with a virtual reality headset and the animator has softened the distorted perspective so that viewers won't be as prone to motion sickness while 'in' the room.

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