People are freaking out about Anish Kapoor's sculpture that kinda-sorta-not-really looks like a vagina.

Photo: Stephane de Sakutin/AFP via artnet. Image 1.Photo: Stephane de Sakutin/AFP via artnet

The art star's recently opened show at Versailles, which features a 60-meter steel outdoor sculpture with a flared, horn-like face opening into a dark cavern, has gotten the French all hot and bothered. Kapoor initially acknowledged the resemblance, saying the sculpture symbolized "the vagina of the queen who took power." He later tried to cover his tracks by pulling out the classing "work has multiple interpretive possibilities" argument.

Photo: Jacques Grad via artnet. Image 2.Photo: Jacques Grad via artnet

Regardless, at lot of public art and art in general looks vaginal (a certain degree of cavernous) or phallic (standing, pointy). Last year, an American exchange student studying in Germany got trapped in a sculpture of a giant vagina and was rescued (delivered?) by 22 firefighters (it's a boy!)

Image via 640 Toronto. Image 3.Image via 640 Toronto

Recently, Paul McCarthy's public Tree installation that looked like a giant butt plug, was also protested in France.

Image: @HauserWirth on Twitter via artnet. Image 4.Image: @HauserWirth on Twitter via artnet