Before charming audiences as Andy on Parks and Recreation and landing lead roles in Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic Park, Chris Pratt had other artistic ambitions. Growing up in Granite Falls, Washington, the actor could often be found with a paintbrush in hand. In a 2003 interview with Teen People, he explained how he painted murals for friends and even for a best friend’s local restaurant, Omega Pizza & Pasta.

Image: Imgur. Image 1.Image: Imgur

Although Pratt didn’t name the restaurant explicitly in the interview, this past weekend an Imgur user named “slartibartfas” came across the painting and shared it. Depicting a Greek scene, the mural is a kitschy look into Pratt’s past. If there’s any question about the artist, on the far right corner the name “Chris Pratt” is written in bold red letters. Pratt has been known to visit Omega when he’s visiting home, and often encourages other celebrities and athletes to stop by, including new Seattle Seahawk Jimmy Graham. It seems like a Pratt Mural Scavenger Hunt could be the next big thing.