A sculpture that looks a whole lot like artist Anish Kapoor's Cloud Gate, Chicago's iconic public sculpture more commonly known as "The Bean", has been erected in a parking lot in the western China city of Karamay.

The Chinese piece is apparently not a replica, but was inspired by oil that's extracted from the region, since, you know, oil looks like a 40 foot tall metallic, bean-shaped bubble. Kapoor considers China's new parking lot sculpture to be plagiarism and is threatening to sue, according to the Chicago Tribune.

 Hallstatt, China is a fake version of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Hallstatt, Austria and includes an artificial lake, imported doves, and replicas of the alpine village's iconic houses.

 A luxury real estate development in Tianducheng includes a fake Eiffel Tower and Parisian-style apartment buildings. It is now abandoned because no one wanted to live there. 

 The Holland Village in Shanghai is a quiet town with a windmill next to a river.