Last week we reported on the replica of Anish Kapoor's Cloud Gate, known as Chicago's "Bean", installed in a Chinese parking lot. Kapoor solicited support from Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, calling upon him to condemn the copyright infringement and support legal action against Chinese authorities.

But to Kapoor's disappointment, the Wall Street Journal reported that when Mayor Emanuel was asked about the matter, he seemed oblivious to the dispute. "'Imitation is the greatest form of flattery' is what I would say. And if you want to see original artwork like this or like the Bean, you come to Chicago," Emanuel said.

Kapoor, frustrated over the Mayor's tepid response, wrote a public letter to Emanuel last Thursday, saying he was "astonished" at the mayor's statements:

Cloud Gate, 'The Bean,' has been a major feature of Chicago's landscape for over a decade and has helped keep in view Chicago's vision of itself as the most modern city in America, if not the world. I am therefore astonished at your statements about the Chinese copy of the sculpture Cloud Gate as that of an act of flattery. I feel compelled to ask what other businesses and innovators from Chicago have had their copyrighted material stolen in a similar way? Will you call this flattery too?

 The Mayor's office has not responded to Kapoor's statement.

 Cover image: Flickr