Beloved children's author Theodor Seuss Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss, has been dead for 24 years. In 2013, a box of drawings and text that were put aside by his widow at the time of his death were rediscovered. These became a new book, What Pet Should I Get? which will be published on July 28th. 

“We believe that he wrote and illustrated What Pet Should I Get? somewhere between 1958 and 1962—as the brother and sister in the book are the same as those in his bestselling Beginner Book One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish which was published in 1960,” says Cathy Goldsmith, Seuss' former art director.

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The book will be about making decisions, as shown in these excerpted pages.


Facts about Dr. seuss:

 Some of Seuss' first cartoons were ads for a bug spray company called Flit

 He also wrote a short-lived comic strip, Hejji, during the American Great Depression.

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