Dutch designer Jeffrey Heiliger has created a men's line of posture-correcting apparel for the office.

Image: Jeffrey Heiligers via psfk. Image 1.Image: Jeffrey Heiligers via psfk

Sitting is the new smoking, and sedentary workers are concerned about the long term effects of poor posture. In response, Heiliger has designed "Posture," a series of shirts and jackets that become uncomfortable to wear when worn in a slouched position. The designer created the minimal designs with a physiotherapist to figure out where to place the seams: the key factor in making the garments selectively uncomfortable.

Image: Jeffrey Heiligers via psfk. Image 2.Image: Jeffrey Heiligers via psfk

“The pain is caused by over-relaxing the upper back muscles and hunching. ‘Posture’ offers a solution in the clothes that you wear: by repositioning the seams in such a way that they start to feel uncomfortable when stooping, you are stimulated to sit up straight. This tailor-made remedy corrects the poor postures of the digital generation, not by fixating the muscles, but by training them. The more it is used, the less it is needed,” says Heiliger.

Image: Jeffrey Heiligers via psfk. Image 3.Image: Jeffrey Heiligers via psfk

Image: Jeffrey Heiligers via psfk. Image 4.Image: Jeffrey Heiligers via psfk