Nike is working on a cooling hood for overheated athletes that will make the health goth kids cream their neoprene panties.

Image: Nike via Wired. Image 1.Image: Nike via Wired

The company is working with Olympic gold medalist Ashton Eaton to develop the product, which rapidly reduces the body's core temperature by cooling the head quickly. The hood, which looks like a soft, puffy helmet with a basketball net underneath, needs to be chilled before use, and basically works like an ice pack. Nike is still trying to pin down the perfect cooling rate to avoid causing "ice cream headaches."

Image: Nike via Wired. Image 2.Image: Nike via Wired

"What you're doing by taking heat out of the body is you're maintaining your muscle in a state where it can perform optimally" says Stanford biologist Craig Heller. Performance and stamina decrease when body temperature rises. Cooling helps athletes recover quickly so they can get back to the game or competition faster. Nike will continue to work with Eaton, and probably a few other athletes, in the run up to the 2016 Olympics.

Cover image: Wired