Lars Von Trier, one of the world's most controversial filmmakers, says that he's no longer completely sober and that he'll be getting back to work now.

Late last year, the director told a Danish magazine that he had entered rehab and that he was terrified that he would never be able to work again. According to Von Trier, he's cut out other substances and will only be drinking in moderation because it's essential to his artistic process and his own sanity. 

Whatever this perfectly capable adult wants to do is his own decision and will receive no judgement here, but any news that more Von Trier films are on the way is always good news.

"I went to AA meetings every day for half a year," Von Trier tells The Guardian. "We supported each other to keep sober. These people kind of become your family. I used all my strength to get sober – now I start to drink a little again, so that I can work. When you shoot a film, it’s hard work, and you tend to drink more."