It’s not the titular “Mad” Max Rockatansky (played by Tom Hardy) or its one-armed fuel-transporter turned defector and exporter of fugitive wives (Charlize Theron) that steals the show in Mad Max: Fury Road. It’s a masked man in a red union suit dangling from bungee cords and shredding a guitar cum flamethrower in front of film's largest Marshall-stack-on-wheels ever.

Screenshot from Mad Max: Road Fury trailer via YouTube.. Image 1.Screenshot from Mad Max: Road Fury trailer via YouTube.

The man in the union suit is 46-year-old Australian cabaret actor-musician iOTA (aka Sean Hape), The Guardian reports. iOTA’s management company pitched the role to him as a mix between “a mix between Keith Richards and a scarecrow”. iOTA’s character "the Doof Warrior" is a gloried drummer boy serenading warlord Immortan Joe’s and his white-painted army of “War Boys” with a live set of songs that include tracks such as “Claw Trucks”, “Spike Cars” and “The Chase” changing momentum and tempo as the war party struggles to capture and kill Max and Furiosa, while simultaneously trying to steal back Joe's "stolen goods." 

When asked about his role iOTA said: “It was like being on a ride at the fair, except the best ride you can imagine... It was flames and smoke and oil and sound. It was a head-fuck, and a really good one.”