How badly did Sea Of Trees bomb at Cannes?. Image 1.

Sea of Trees scored


at Cannes Film Festival,

the lowest score in 12 years


Leading up to this year's Cannes Film Festival, Gus Van Sant’s Sea of Trees was one of the most anticipated films in the competition. That excitement deflated rapidly following the world premiere this weekend. According to Screen’s annual critics poll, the Matthew McConaughey starring film is getting the lowest ranks of any film at Cannes in the last 12 years. It currently sits at a 0.6 rating out of a possible 4.

Booing is commonplace at Cannes, but it seems Sea of Trees was greeted with hisses and even critics who hate that sort of behavior joined in. Donald Clarke of The Irish Times wrote, “It’s a horrible business. But, just as there are theoretical circumstances where the use of chemical weapons might be appropriate, there are certain films that deserve to play to the sounds of the abattoir. There exist, I suppose, people who wonder what Gus Van Sant directing Nicholas Sparks might look like. After all, there are people who eat soil. Your time has come, folks.”

For his part, McConaughey was as cool and collected as he’s ever been, telling the press, “This is fun. I look at this as sort of [eating] dessert. No matter what, we’ve declared now: here it is! Thanks for having us, hope you enjoy it.”