United Passions


in the US
on opening weekend

FIFA's feature film United Passions made $607 over its US opening weekend. Six hundred and seven dollars. The FIFA-financed Blatter biopic debuted in ten theaters nation wide. All of the theaters were in major cities, so let's say the average ticket cost $10 a pop. That means less than 61 Americans saw the film all weekend. Meaning that each theater, on average, sold only 3 tickets to United Passions per night. In Phoenix, the film only grossed $9 all weekend because only one person saw it. Oh, and the film cost FIFA $29 million to make. That has got to sting. Here's ill-advised Tim Roth as the recently de-throned "villain" Sepp Blatter:

If the fact that FIFA is extraordinarily corrupt, or that pretty much no one else wants to see this movie, aren't reasons enough to keep you from seeing it, take a look at what critics are saying:

Michael Rechtshaffen from The LA Times wrote the movie "comes across as a squirm-inducing heap of propaganda at its most self-congratulatory." The New York Times wrote:

United Passions is one of the most unwatchable films in recent memory, a dishonest bit of corporate-suite sanitizing that’s no good even for laughs.


Cover image: YouTube