Good news, everyone. The Guardian confirms what we all knew. Han Solo shot first in the Mos Eisley Cantina in 1977’s Star Wars.

Long a point of contention between warring sections of fanboys, after the Special Edition re-release in 1997 recut the scene showing the alien bounty hunter as the aggressor.

The scene has since been recut twice inspiring fans of the franchise to aggressively and demonstratively cry out “Han shot first.

That being said, the only people who know what actually happened were in "the Star Wars" themselves, and we’ve got Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew to thank. Mayhew shared his personal copy of the script on Facebook which shows that Greedo wasn’t even present in the original scene. 

Mayhew wrote, "After all these years, it still feels like I'm leaking a story line." Thanks again, Chewie.  We wouldn't be surprised if you receive another Medal of Bravery for your service.

Cover: Flickr