"Flabby" but "impressive" 'Jurassic World' beats box office record. Image 1.

Jurassic Park grossed

$206 million

opening weekend


Jurassic World had the biggest opening weekend in movie history. The science fiction blockbuster made roughly $209 million opening weekend, beating the record previously held by The Avengers, which brought in $204.6 million. Here's what critics have to say:

Manohla Dargis

The New York Times

In reality, there's more flab than muscle packed on this galumphing franchise reboot, which, as it lumbers from scene to scene, reminds you of what a great action god Steven Spielberg is. Too bad he didn't take the reins on this...Actors repeat their bad lines without smirking, and digital dinosaurs stomp, scatter and gulp amid product placements for Triumph motorcycles and Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville chain. There are so many plugs for Mercedes that you may wonder if the targeted viewers are studio executives.

Erik Kain


The final sequences of Jurassic World are among the most ludicrous I’ve ever seen in a major motion picture.

Mark Kermode

The Guardian

While the 3D beasts are undeniably impressive, their human counterparts remain resolutely two-dimensional thanks to a script that mistakes tone-deaf jumps and starts for emotional arcs. The result is a spectacular summer blockbuster that will doubtless eat the box office alive, but that remains all bark and no bite.