In anticipation for the 20th anniversary screening of Kids at Brooklyn's BAM theater on June 25, The Guardian chatted with writer Harmony Korine and Leo Fitzpatrick who played Telly, the 16-year-old self-described "virgin surgeon."

The film was directed by Larry Clark, who had never directed anything, written by Korine, who had never really written anything, and acted by Fitzpatrick and Rosario Dawson who had never acted before. "It was pretty much everyone’s first thing," says Korine. The result was a naive approach to filmmaking that shocked critics and viewers and continues to do so twenty years later.

It would be impossible to make that film now, you could never get away with it... Everything about Kids seemed highly normal to me. It was just the first time that it had ever been seen on screen… I think watching all the grownups flip out was the most fun for me.

Fitzpatrick never thought the movie would come out. “We were just broke-ass kids trying to do something cool,” he says. “It was kind of the best summer camp you can imagine."

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