Looks like Top Gun 2 is in the works. Again. The sequel to the 1986 film has long been dogged by development problems. Skydance CEO David Ellison seems to be confident about how the movie is going to shape up. He told Collider that "Justin Marks is writing the screenplay right now. He has a phenomenal take to really update that world for what fighter pilots in the Navy has turned into today" and "There is an amazing role for Maverick in the movie and there is no Top Gun without Maverick, and it is going to be Maverick [Tom Cruise] playing Maverick."

The film will be set in the present and incorporate real time in order to explain the almost 30 year gap between the two films. Now that we know Tom Cruise is going to reprise his role of Maverick, it means we'll be certain to see some serious practical effects. We're just curious how a dogfighting fighter pilot is going to navigate a world where unmanned drones dominate.

Consider us intrigued, Marks. 

Cover: Flickr