Creator and director Bjorn Tagemose alongside all-around Renaissance Man Henry Rollins have teamed up together to create Gutterdammerung , the “loudest silent movie on Earth.” And the lineup is ah-mazing. So far names attached to the project are Grace Jones, Iggy Pop, Rollins, and Jesse Hughes of Eagles of Death Metal. 

Part immersive theater, part rock show, Gutterdammerung promises to be a “visual experience with very little dialogue” where audience members will be standing the entire time, watching a live band play underneath a screen. 

Based on the limited character bios that are Gutterdammerung’s site, we’ve gathered that Jones is “an African goddess from hell,” Pop is "the catalyst of the story that sets the whole world on fire” and Hughes shoots sounds for money. We just hope it’s a little more cohesive in storytelling than Rock & Rule, another ambitious music project that was just as packed to the gills with talent, but, unfortunately, received minimal attention.

As the film gets closer to its launch date (end of 2015, early 2016), more cast members names will be revealed, and if you happen to guess them all correctly you just might get tickets for the release in London or Berlin because who doesn't like hobnobbing with rock stars?

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