Electro-pop artist Claire Boucher, aka Grimes recently penned a love letter to the sci-fi film series Star Wars in LOVE magazine. She called out specific reasons why she believes the films are special. 

She writes with particular passion about the character of the droid C-3PO. 

...C-3PO has always been a personal favourite of mine. I really relate to his fear of death (among other things), although I doubt most self-aware robots in the future will be as sympathetic and benevolent to humans as he is.

Like Artoo, he allows for unique narrative situations because of his ability to translate non-human characters, allowing the universe to feel more believable and complete (because it would be stupid if everyone spoke English). Rewatching the movies as an adult, C-3PO’s stuttering humanity is a great foil for the violence and intensity of the films.  

Read the rest of Grimes' letter at NME.

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