Playing Gay: How America Came Out on Television is a feature-length documentary that chronicles how television changed the way Americans (and the world) view LGBT people.  

If you’ve ever watched a television, and happen to have a heart then you know why a project like this is so important. Television paved the way for acceptance and important Supreme Court decisions like gay marriage (now marriage) in the US, by normalizing gay people through representation with landmark episodes of television programs like Roseanne, The Real World, My So-Called Life, Ellen and more. 

The film features interviews with Michael Douglas, Norman Leer, Martin Sheen, Wilson Cruz and Danielle Owens-Reid. Playing Gay is written and directed by David Bender, produced by David Permut with executive producers Wendy Abrams and Wilson Cruz. Fingers crossed that this will be funded in the next 12 days, and will be available for mass consumption soon.

To watch the trailer for Playing Gay and to fund the film please visit Kickstarter.

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