In Martin Scorsese' latest film, Devil in the White City, DiCaprio will finally be able to realize his dream of playing Dr. H.H. Homes, whom history calls “America’s first serial killer.” The film will take place during the 1893 World’s Fair of Chicago, where Holmes admitted to killing 27 people in his hotel, aka the “Murder Castle."


Facts about: Dr. H.H. Holmes

 Herman Webster Midget otherwise known as Dr. Henry Howard Holmes or H.H. Holmes opened a hotel he had designed and built intentionally for murder. The hotel had over 100 windowless rooms, with doorways opening to brick walls, and stairways that led to nowhere.

 While some of his victims’ bodies were incinerated, others were dissected, stripped of their flesh and sold to medical schools as skeleton models.

 Holmes confessed to 27 murders, but it's thought that his actual body count is around 200.

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