Looks like the long-awaited Beetlejuice sequel is happening. Winona Ryder just went on the record during a taping of Late Nite with Seth Meyers. It helps that Tim Burton already spilled the beans about the upcoming film. For more, watch the adorable interview below.

Just don't ask her to say "Beetlejuice," though.


Facts about: Beetlejuice

 In 1990, Tim Burton hired writer Jonathan Germs for what was going to be a sequel: Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian. Despite having both Ryder and Keaton signed on to the project, Burton and Keaton were distracted while filming Batman Returns, so the film never happened.

 Due to the film’s success, Beetlejuice was also a cartoon on ABC. It ran for four seasons. Tim Burton served as executive producer.

 Beetlejuice also has several theme park shows at Universal Studios Hollywood, Florida and Japan.

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