A 63-year-old man was arrested in Vienna this week for repeatedly sneaking his way up to expensive opera house seats.

Vienna State Opera House, Wikimedia. Image 1.Vienna State Opera House, Wikimedia

Dubbed "phantom of the opera" by the local press, the man would purchase a ticket for the least expensive seat in the theater for 12 euro ($14) and shift his way up to the distinguished box seats, that typically run for 139 euros ($157), once the show began, a little bit at a time, throughout the entire performance. His technique was so effective, Vienna State Opera House staff were unable to catch him, and resorted to calling the police.

The evasive opera enthusiast was finally apprehended in the Mahler Room and handcuffed, but not before being chased through the opera aisles.

Banned from future performances at the opera house, he was released after a few hours in custody.