Tri-Angle Records had their 5th anniversary party in the basement of J.P. Morgan's old headquarters on Wall Street in New York this past Friday.

Photo: Brendan McInerney/ANIMALNewYork. Image 1.Photo: Brendan McInerney/ANIMALNewYork

Bjork surprised the guests with an opening DJ set that included music from Death Grips, Kate Bush, Cut Hands, and Tri-Angle artists like The Haxan Clock, Vessel, Rabit, and Lotic. Bjork has uploaded audio from her set to Soundcloud:

Bjork included the following message to her upload: “The mix I played was my present to them : merging together some of my fav beats last year with some of my fav vocalists doing some of their best songs!!! this is my tune-tinder !!!”