Pulled from 1982-1989 issues of punk fanzine Maximum Rocknroll, Hardcore Architecture documents all of the (largely suburban) homes that created hardcore classics via Google’s Streetview application. Depending on how much of a scenester and cassette head you were — the names should be fairly familiar to you, and if not— well, it’s worth noting that Jello Biafra was one of the reviewers. That’s nice.

Dead Milkmen via Hardcore Architecture.. Image 1.Dead Milkmen via Hardcore Architecture.

The blog is a collaboration between Marc Fischer and Public Collectors, a resource for all things pre-internet like zines, small magazines and flyers, and is an an attempt to "explore the relationship between the architecture of living spaces and the history of underground American hardcore bands in the 1980s". 

Obituaries via Hardcore Architecture.. Image 2.Obituaries via Hardcore Architecture.

All addresses were pulled using contact listings found in demo tapes and record reviews from MRR.

Infection via Hardcore Architecture.. Image 3.Infection via Hardcore Architecture.

Bad news for creeps (like us), all screenshots are edited to remove street names and numbers for privacy.

Pussy Galore via Hardcore Architecture.. Image 4.Pussy Galore via Hardcore Architecture.

However, Fischer told VICE that he plans on exhibiting the project at The Franklin in Chicago.
Urge Overkill via Hardcore Architecture.. Image 5.Urge Overkill via Hardcore Architecture.

In the meantime, we’ll be glued to our desks going deep into our a tumblr k-hole.